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ONDO is a next generation automation solution for precise irrigation, fertigation and climate control for open fields and greenhouses.

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Why farmers choose ONDO?

30% increase in farmer's profit margin

Thanks to the reduced usage of key resources - water, fertilizer and human labor - and the increase in the quality and quantity of the yield, farmers report an increased profit margin of up to 30%.


No upfront payment for the system! Get your ONDO now for 1 monthly fee + the system installation cost.

Continuous warranty & quality support

High-quality support and continuous warranty for the automation equipment are included with the ONDO subscription. You get peace of mind while we ensure smooth and efficient automation.

Remote control 24/7, anywhere

Control and monitor your automated processes anytime, from any part of the world, via any mobile device connected to the Internet.

Open fields

Open fields

ONDO for open fields:
extensible wireless automation

ONDO achieves automated, high-precision irrigation and fertigation for your open field farm based on real-time sensor data. Thanks to the wireless and easy-to-deploy AIR Point modules, you can start small and extend your automation as you grow.

ONDO automation works best for the following open-field crops:



ONDO for greenhouses:
single point of control

Control your irrigation, fertigation and climate based on integrated sensor data. Get your climate control devices (vents, circulation fans, thermal screens and misting) working in synergy, to achieve the optimal conditions for your plants. Protect your greenhouse construction and crops in case of strong winds or rain.

ONDO automation works best for the following greenhouse crops: