ONDO Precision farming automation can now be deployed, in a cable-free and cost-efficient manner, on farms of any size

We are glad to announce the release of the latest ONDO innovation - the wireless ONDO AIR Points. Thanks to this new addition to ONDO solutions, even large farms can now have their irrigation and fertigation precisely managed and controlled by ONDO, at a fraction of the costs, time and hassles incurred with a [...]

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An opportunity for Bulgarian farmers to finance their investment in ONDO precision farming solutions with sub-measure 4.1 from the Rural Development Program 2014-2020

Good news for all Bulgarian farmers: the application period for sub-measure 4.1 “Investment in agriculture” from the Rural Development Program 2014-2020 is now open! The total budget of this sub-measure, aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Bulgarian farmers, amounts to 422 218 104 leva. Applications will be accepted until July 23rd, 2021. Sub-measure 4.1 [...]

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What is precision irrigation? How can farmers benefit from it?

A recent post on StartUs Insights recognized ONDO as one of the top 5 water management startups to watch in 2021 (out of 1246 companies in the domain!). Undoubtedly, a key reason behind this high evaluation are the significant results reported by ONDO customers thanks to the precision irrigation, fertigation and climate control achieved [...]

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