Bio farm Versol enables farm automation and precision irrigation, fertigation and climate control with ONDO

One more farmer has joined the numerous successful farmers who decided to implement precision farming and farm automation with ONDO! Our team has recently completed one of the most complex and challenging installation of automated precision irrigation, fertigation and climate control with ONDO, for Bio farm ‘Versol’.

Bio farm ‘Versol’ is located in the village of Lik, Mezdra municipality, Bulgaria. The farm is growing a huge variety of bio vegetables and fruits, throughout the entire year. The goal of the owners is to set up an autonomous biodynamic farm, that is as independent from external factors as possible.

We at ONDO are confident that precision farming with ONDO can be implemented in any farm, in line with the specifics and individual requirements of the farm. Hence, ONDO integration in Versol has been challenging, but also truly satisfying.

In Versol we automated the irrigation, precise nutrition and climate control for 13 greenhouses with bio vegetables, with a total size of 0.65 ha. The greenhouses are tunnel type, with upper ventilation, and ONDO is completely automating and controlling the management of the vents in the greenhouses. There is also misting installed in the greenhouses and the misting is also being precisely controlled via the ONDO controller.

The philosophy of Versol requires efficient usage of all natural resources, which is one of the key reasons why they reached out to ONDO to automate and precisely control the main processes related to the crop growing. For irrigation purposes, the farm has set up 2 rain water storage units, which feed water into a third, central water reservoir unit of 150 cubic meters. Thanks to the integrated by ONDO 2-channel fertigation system, having 6 hydrophore pumps, the water from the central water storage unit is getting pumped up towards the greenhouses. 

The precision irrigation with ONDO guarantees that the water is being used in the most optimal manner, depending on the needs of the plants in every stage of their growth, with no loss of water resources. The feeding of the plants is only done using bio agents. 

In line with Versol’s philosophy for minimal dependency on external factors, the farm has set up a huge photovoltaic park, with solar panels taking up the entire roof space of their main building. The energy that is being generated is entirely used for the purpose of automating and operating the farm.

ONDO automation is completely cable-based, per the customer’s requirement, so radio signals may not affect the crop in any way.

And last but not least, the weather station ONDO Weather is also contributing to the precise climate management and control processes. The data coming in from the weather station sensors are getting integrated with ONDO 24/7, thus allowing for an even more precise adjustment of all climate control processes and enabling historical view on the changes of the key climate parameters in the greenhouses.

We thank Versol for entrusting ONDO with implementing automation and precision farming for their crops! We wish them success and – we are impatient to share the first results achieved by the farm, in terms of farm efficiency and productivity.

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