ONDO automation irrigation precise fertigation asparagus farm

The biggest Asparagus farm in Bulgaria automating its irrigation and precise fertigation with ONDO

In our recent customer case study for peach orchard ‘Dolinata na praskovite’ we mentioned that our customer was already cultivating the biggest vegetable garden with asparagus in Bulgaria, with an arable land of 15 ha!

We are glad to share that after its first crop season with ONDO automation in the 21 ha orchard garden and the reported results of 30%+ human resources saved, 20%+ crop yield increase, 20%+ less losses from human error and more (see all results achieved thanks to the ONDO automation in our client case study), ‘Dolinata na praskovite’ has already decided to proceed with the extension of their ONDO automation, to cover the 15 ha asparagus garden, as well as an extra 12 ha of peach orchards!

Few are aware that at the beginning of the 20th century, Bulgaria used to be the biggest asparagus producer in Europe! After 1944, however, this vegetable was considered a food for the bourgeois and its cultivation had stopped. But, we see more and more Bulgarian farmers resuming asparagus cultivation nowadays. ‘Dolinata na praskovite’ is currently the biggest producer of asparagus in Bulgaria and 100% of the produce is sold on the local market – to the restaurant and hotel business, as well as to local retailers.

Why has the farm taken the decision to automate the irrigation and precise fertigation with ONDO in the asparagus fields?

“We are learning from the experience and expertise of successful asparagus growers from Italy, Germany, Greece and other countries where this vegetable has a solid share on the market. In order to increase the yield and the quality of the crop, the irrigation and precise fertigation of the plants should start from the harvesting and continue until the end of September. With ONDO these processes can be automated and executed, as well as controlled, fully remotely. The precise nutrition of the plants is key so we can apply to get our farm certified per various standards, which would allow us to sell the produce also to the big supermarket chains” – shares the farm owner Kiril Peychev.

The farm agronomist Vangel Chilingirov notes that the automated precise irrigation and fertigation has a big impact on the appearance and taste of the vegetables, they achieve uniform height, diameter and shape, which is important for the packaging and the sales. The precise nutrition also reduces the use of fertilizer, and the costs associated with it. And, the precise irrigation and fertigation, performed following the best cultivation practices for this vegetable, can lead to an increase in the crop yield of more than 2 times, resulting in 6000-8000 kg per 1 ha, compared to yield without any irrigation.

At the beginning of June, when the drip irrigation in the extra farming fields is in place, ONDO will start the extension of the current automation, adding a 2-channel fertigation system FertiON, extra soil sensors for monitoring of the soil moisture and extra AIR Point modules for wireless control of irrigation valves and sensors. Each ONDO automation is designed to allow an easy, time- and cost-efficient extension, in order to enable and encourage the future growth and expansion of our customers’ farms.

We are glad that ONDO supports the growth and success of its customers! We will also be looking forward to share with you the results that ‘Dolinata na praskovite’ is achieving thanks to the ONDO automation in the extra farming fields. But, our customer is already confident about the positive result it seems, judging by the new cooling complex they are already building, to sort and store the expected increased yield!

We wish lots of success to this innovative and enterprising farm!

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