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What is precision irrigation? How can farmers benefit from it?

A recent post on StartUs Insights recognized ONDO as one of the top 5 water management startups to watch in 2021 (out of 1246 companies in the domain!). Undoubtedly, a key reason behind this high evaluation are the significant results reported by ONDO customers thanks to the precision irrigation, fertigation and climate control achieved [...]

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ONDO can now manage and control the thermal screens inside a greenhouse

We are glad to let you know that as part of our roadmap to enable control in ONDO for any device responsible for the irrigation, fertigation or climate control, ONDO can now manage the thermal screens in a greenhouse. Thermal screens are must-have for any modern greenhouse looking to achieve optimal climate conditions for [...]

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Wrap-up of ONDO Demo Days in Timișoara, Romania

We have recently announced our first Demo Days event for Romania, which took place between 24 and 26 Feb, 2021 in Timișoara, Romania. With those hectic days past behind us know, here is our takeaway: * We drove 2000+ km within 3 days * We met 6 berry farms, 1 potential partner and the [...]

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Benefits of using ONDO for growing berries (new brochure!)

ONDO Precision farming solutions will benefit any crop the yield from which depends on timely and precise irrigation, fertigation and climate control. However, there certainly are specific crops for which the effect from using ONDO can be significant, and berries are among those crops. This has also been the reason why our recent Demo Days [...]

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ONDO grabs the Grand Award for Startup Company of 2020 by the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies /BAIT/

We are glad to announce that ONDO has been recognized with the Grand award for Startup company of 2020 in the 10th edition of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies /BAIT/! The award - which is a truly valuable for us, since it comes from the biggest, most representative and influential branch organization in [...]

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ONDO showcase: extending ONDO precision farming in line with the farmer’s growth

We have been frequently asked: do we retrofit existing greenhouses with ONDO Smart Farming solutions? Yes, we do! Even if your greenhouse is already up and running, we will integrate ONDO Precision Farming technology with your existing equipment! Which is more - we will make sure your ONDO automation can grow with you! We [...]

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ONDO Demo Days in Romania, 24-26 Feb 2021

We are excited to let you know that at the end of February ONDO Smart Farming Solutions Demo team is coming to Romania! Following inquiries from interested Romania-based farms and potential partners in the region of Timișoara, in the period 24, 25 and 26 February 2021 our team will be doing one-on-one ONDO demos and [...]

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ONDO signs up its first partner – in North Macedonia

The growing list and territory span of ONDO customers, along with the need to be close to customers and better serve them has resulted in our focused efforts towards signing up the first local partnerships for ONDO. We are glad to announce that shortly after we have opened our Partnerships program, we already have [...]

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ONDO joins the Bulgarian Digital Innovation Hub for agriculture AgroHub.BG

We are glad to announce that ONDO is now part of the Bulgarian Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) for agriculture AgroHub.BG. AgroHub aims to bring together knowledge and resources for the agricultural industry with the aim to generate solutions for its problems and meet its needs. Source: Agrohub.bg The Hub connects numerous agribusiness companies [...]

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ONDO grabs the Grand award for innovative startup

We close this challenging year with a big recognition! This time ONDO has been awarded in one of the most prestigious Bulgarian national contests - "Innovative enterprise of the year".  The competition takes place under the patronage of the President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev and is organized by the "Applied research and communications" fund, ARK [...]

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