Recent ONDO installation: Berry farm ‘Our garden’, Bulgaria

The active farming season has begun and we will be frequently sharing with you details on ONDO installations we have completed!

One of the farms whose automation we recently completed is ‘Our garden’ in the farming lands of Kystendil, Bulgaria. The farm is growing raspberries, strawberries (including early strawberry sold on the market as early as the beginning of April), blueberries and blackberries, in buckets or on soil, on 3ha of farming land. In 1.1 ha of the land the berries are grown in greenhouses. 

The owner of “Our garden” Stanislav Stoynov has a solid experience in growing berries abroad, including experience with technologies for the automation of the irrigation and fertigation processes. He is well aware of the benefits from using such technologies and hence, from the very start of the farm he was considering the integration of such technology solutions at some point.

However, right from the first farming season he was faced with the extremely time-consuming manual process of irrigating and fertigating the plants. During the hot summer temperatures the plants require irrigation several times throughout the day, including in the very early or late hours of the day. The farm is distanced 10+ km from the owner’s house and the daily commute, along with the actual time it takes to irrigate and fertigate, add up, resulting in a huge time investment in routine, low-qualification activity.

In addition, ‘Our garden’ is entirely selling its produce for fresh consumption, on the farmers’ markets, which poses high expectations for the quality, durability and regular supplies of the fruits. Hence, the owner was looking for more precise fertigation of the plants, that would also allow him to achieve the appropriate for each crop EC and pH values of the irrigation water. Thus he would be able to ensure cleaner, tastier and more durable produce. And, when the needs of the plants are met – they would also produce more fruit!

For the reasons mentioned above, the owner of the farm decided to prioritise installing the ONDO automation.

In ‘Our garden’ ONDO built a hybrid automation of the irrigation and precise fertigation – cable-based + wireless automation. The management and control of the processes is done by an ONDO Pro Controller and 2 wireless ONDO AIR Point modules. The farm is split into 14 irrigation zones, each of them with specific irrigation and fertigation, per the needs of the crop grown and its phase of growth. ONDO Pro also manages the borehole pump in the farm.

The precise plant nutrition, which also includes management and control of the EC and pH of the irrigation water for each specific crop, is done by a 3-channel fertigation system ONDO FertiON. The automated mixing of the water-soluble fertilisers in the 4 tanks is accomplished by an ONDO Air Bubble Jet.

The ONDO installation is entirely powered up by photovoltaics and designed to be easily extended in the future, considering the plans of the owner to keep expanding the farm. The entire installation was completed by our team in 7 working days!

This new ONDO customer has yet to have their full crop season with the ONDO automation. We are looking forward to seeing and sharing with you the results they achieve – in terms of saved resources (water, fertiliser, human resources, etc) and better quality and quantity of the crop.

But, from day 1 with a fully functional ONDO automation, the owner of ‘Our garden’ is already saving 4-5 hours, every day

We are happy to be contributing to the increased efficiency of our customers and wish ‘Our garden’ infinite success with their business!

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