ONDO awarded for its contribution to the agricultural mechanization in Bulgaria

Yet another recognition has been awarded to ONDO! This time the award is given for the company’s contribution to the mechanization of agriculture in Bulgaria for the past year 2020.

The award was granted by one of the major local agricultural media ‘Zemedelska tehnika’ /Agricultural machinery/ which is actively contributing to informing the Bulgarian farmers on all news and innovations related to agriculture, in the country and abroad. Along with Zemedelska tehnika, organizers of this annual award are the Agricultural Academy, the Technical Control Inspection, The University of Ruse ‘Angel Kunchev’ and the Agricultural University in Plovdiv.

The idea of this award is to recognize local and international companies operating on the Bulgarian market, which are significantly contributing to the development and modernization of agriculture and which successfully apply modern technologies in their own farms as well.

„Nowadays, the mechanization in agriculture cannot be successful without innovation and automation. We are glad that more farmers realize the need to adopt the technologies of the future and choose ONDO to help them in the process. The precision irrigation, fertigation, climate control and monitoring solutions offered by ONDO lay the foundation of a successful, modern agricultural business. This year we are looking forward to the start of sub-measures 4.1 – “Investments in agriculture farms” and 4.2 – “Investment in processing/marketing of agricultural produce” from the “Program for development of rural areas”. They will allow the farm owners to finance the integration of solutions like ONDO, since the benefits they can expect are truly enormous” – said ONDO Head of Product and Sales Ivaylo Enev.

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