New ONDO partner: “Bioaktiv and Greenaktiv’ Ltd

We have mentioned numerous times on our blog that our vision for the growth and development of ONDO as a company offering superb technology solutuions for the agriculture includes working with partners. Hence, the focus of our recent efforts goes to finding local partners for every market we want to enter.

We make no exception for the local Bulgarian market. And we are glad to announce, that we already have the first exclusive distributor of the weather stations ONDO Weather for the Bulgarian market, sector grain growers’ – and this is the company “BioAktiv and GreenAktiv” Ltd!

Our partnership with “BioAktiv and GreenAktiv” Ltd is the result from approximately 1 year of working together – a time during which our partner had the opportunity to get deep into the functionality and advantages of ONDO Weather and as a result, set up a successful business model, in which the weather stations are part of a complete package of products and services for the forecasting, preventing and combatting the diseases on corn plants. We are glad that the weather stations ONDO Weather are already successfully used by tens of grain growers all around Bulgaria!

We are grateful to “BioAktiv and GreenAktiv” Ltd for their valuable contribution to the ongoing improvement of the weather stations ONDO Weather via the feedback they collect from their customers and communicate with us. We are glad to be working together and contributing for the increased quality, quantity and predictability of the grain crop in Bulgaria!

About “BioAktiv and GreenAktiv” Ltd:
“BioAktiv and GreenAktiv” Ltd is one of the fastest developing Bulgarian companies in sector ‘Manufacturing and trading with agricultural products’. The company is an exclusive distributor of the products of BioAktiv, which improve the soil fertility from the first year of their usage, and of the products of GreenAktiv, which cater for the leaf-based nutrition of the plants. The combination of these products guarantee high soil fertility, increased quality and quantity of the crop.

Thanks to the partnership with ONDO, “BioAktiv and GreenAktiv” Ltd is already offering to their customers growing grain precise weather forecast for the point of their weather station location, collection and analysis of sensor data, aimed at early detection of potential plant diseases and taking action to prevent and combat those. Read more about the weather station ONDO Weather here.

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