Berry farm Otbrani extends their ONDO automation to another 20 ha of berry fields

We are glad to see the list of ONDO clients growing! But we are even happier when our existing customers are reaching out to extend their ONDO automations! Because a repeat customer is a happy customer! This time it is one of our first and biggest customers - the berry farm Otbrani - undertaking [...]

The new ONDO Weather mobile app is here!

We are glad to let you know that the new ONDO Weather mobile app has just been released! The app is for devices with Android OS and is available for download from Google Play Store here. The mobile app is key for all our farmers who have a weather station ONDO Weather installed on their [...]

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Vladimir Gotchev joins ONDO Smart Farming Solutions as CFO!

We are extremely happy to announce that our team of professionals keeps growing! Welcome to Vladimir Gotchev, who will be taking the highly responsible position of Chief Financial Officer of the company! Vladimir holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of National and World Economy (UNWE), where he later chose to share his [...]

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ONDO awarded for its contribution to the agricultural mechanization in Bulgaria

Yet another recognition has been awarded to ONDO! This time the award is given for the company's contribution to the mechanization of agriculture in Bulgaria for the past year 2020. The award was granted by one of the major local agricultural media 'Zemedelska tehnika' /Agricultural machinery/ which is actively contributing to informing the Bulgarian [...]

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An opportunity for Bulgarian farmers to finance their investment in ONDO precision farming solutions with sub-measure 4.1 from the Rural Development Program 2014-2020

Good news for all Bulgarian farmers: the application period for sub-measure 4.1 “Investment in agriculture” from the Rural Development Program 2014-2020 is now open! The total budget of this sub-measure, aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Bulgarian farmers, amounts to 422 218 104 leva. Applications will be accepted until July 23rd, 2021. Sub-measure 4.1 [...]

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ONDO can now manage and control the thermal screens inside a greenhouse

We are glad to let you know that as part of our roadmap to enable control in ONDO for any device responsible for the irrigation, fertigation or climate control, ONDO can now manage the thermal screens in a greenhouse. Thermal screens are must-have for any modern greenhouse looking to achieve optimal climate conditions for [...]

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ONDO grabs the Grand Award for Startup Company of 2020 by the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies /BAIT/

We are glad to announce that ONDO has been recognized with the Grand award for Startup company of 2020 in the 10th edition of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies /BAIT/! The award - which is a truly valuable for us, since it comes from the biggest, most representative and influential branch organization in [...]

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Our agricultural experts team keeps growing!

We are glad to welcome the latest and truly valuable addition to our team - Daniel Sheytanov! This is the first team member located outside of our head office and a core person who will start developing ONDO sales and integration activities for South Eastern Bulgaria and the neighboring countries. ONDO team is made up [...]

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ONDO Demo Days in Romania, 24-26 Feb 2021

We are excited to let you know that at the end of February ONDO Smart Farming Solutions Demo team is coming to Romania! Following inquiries from interested Romania-based farms and potential partners in the region of Timișoara, in the period 24, 25 and 26 February 2021 our team will be doing one-on-one ONDO demos and [...]

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ONDO signs up its first partner – in North Macedonia

The growing list and territory span of ONDO customers, along with the need to be close to customers and better serve them has resulted in our focused efforts towards signing up the first local partnerships for ONDO. We are glad to announce that shortly after we have opened our Partnerships program, we already have [...]

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