What’s new in ONDO?

The New Year 2022 has had a flying start for ONDO - both in terms of events, and new ONDO functionalities! And, as always, any new development has been done in line with the specific needs of our customers! So, what is new in ONDO? ✓ A new functional module: Frost Protection This new [...]

New ONDO Demo Days in Crete: Feb 16 and Feb 17!

The Covid situation worldwide makes any Demo Days events a challenging task :) But, it is obvious we need to adapt - Covid is here to stay. So, we are glad to announce our new dates for the Demo Days in Crete - Feb 16 and Feb 17, 2022! The Demo Days location is the [...]

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Memi Genosar joins ONDO advisory board

On behalf of the entire ONDO team, we are glad to welcome the first member of ONDO advisory board - Memi Genosar! Memi has been one of the assigned mentors for ONDO during the 3-month acceleration program of EIT Food Accelerator Network (EIT FAN) that we have recently completed. Back in June, we landed [...]

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What’s new in ONDO

If you are following our blog, you know that we have recently been recognized with yet another award, keep actively participating in international events, and are busy announcing and reviewing applications for our kickstart program aimed at new markets ONDO is entering on. All those activities, however, come with an even bigger responsibility to [...]

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ONDO launching a Kickstart irrigation automation offer for 10 countries!

We are glad to announce the launch of ONDO Kickstart irrigation automation program! The program will allow small and mid-size open field farmers growing vegetables, orchards, berries or vineyards from 10 eligible countries to get a risk-free farm irrigation automation with ONDO and reap the benefits from ONDO automation solutions at an exclusive price. Only [...]

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New ONDO partner: “Bioaktiv and Greenaktiv’ Ltd

We have mentioned numerous times on our blog that our vision for the growth and development of ONDO as a company offering superb technology solutuions for the agriculture includes working with partners. Hence, the focus of our recent efforts goes to finding local partners for every market we want to enter. We make no [...]

ONDO engaging with training and mentoring of young agricultural specialists

We all know how difficult it might be to step out of the University and dive into a dynamic, real-world environment with hardly any experience. And the support of experienced hands, who can mentor and train you while you stumble into all kinds of difficulties is essential. Hence, the ONDO team has decided that, [...]

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ONDO grabs the “Agricultural businessman of Bulgaria’ award in category: Agricultural Innovator

ONDO has grabbed the award for "Agricultural Innovator" at the annual Bulgarian awards "Agricultural Businessman of the Year". The awards are handed over during the annual meeting of farmers and representatives of the agribusiness in Bulgaria, and presented in in several categories - bio farmer, young agricultural businessman, market entry and scientific contribution to [...]

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ONDO lands among the 22 companies selected to join BeamUp lab program

We are glad to share with you that ONDO has been selected among the 22 companies (from a total of 1500!) to take place in this year's, second edition of the program stimulating and promoting the growth of Bulgarian companies - BeamUp lab. BeamUp lab is a program for promoting and encouraging the growth [...]

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Warm welcome to our first partner from Greece!

As we have announced recently, with the new funding received by ONDO, one of the major directions we are looking at is expanding our network of international partners. We are confident that local partners are the ones that are fully aware of the specifics of the local farmers and together with them we can [...]

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