In our new client case study: Berry farm “Otbrani”🍓saves 30% in water resources and increases yield with 20%

We all know that sustainable farming is the future. That water resources used by farming need to be optimized following climate changes and fertilizers need to be reduced, so all of us can eat cleaner and healthier food.

While many farms are still considering the first steps towards sustainable farming, we are happy to share that our customer – the berry farm “Otbrani” – is already successfully practicing sustainable farming thanks to ONDO Smart Farming solutions. They have also willingly shared with us the first results achieved.

Throughout their first year of using ONDO, “Otbrani” has already registered 30% savings in water and 20% savings in fertilizer used. Thanks to precise irrigation and fertigation with ONDO, as well as a 3x reduction of reaction time in case of irrigation issues, “Otbrani” achieved a 20% boost in crop yield!

Find out more on the challenges “Otbrani” was looking to solve with ONDO precision farming and the solutions we offered – in our new client case study.

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