Yalovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Yalovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

30 ha

organic hazelnut orchards

“BG Organica” growing organic hazelnuts

The owner of BG Organica handles with ONDO the management and monitoring of the irrigation and precise fertigation in the orchard garden, fully remotely.

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The challenges

With little previous experience in the field of agriculture, BG Organica team is actively following all innovations both in the organic cultivation of hazelnut trees and in agriculture in general. Right from the start of their business, they were looking to achieve maximum efficiency in managing the farm with a small team.

The automation of the processes of watering and nurturing the trees was one of their key goals, given the large size of the orchard farm. It was important for them to irrigate the orchard trees per the phenophase of tree development – with regular and more intensive watering until the end of July, and reduced watering at the stage of ripening of the fruit. In almost every watering, it was necessary to use organic additives, according to agronomic recommendations.

Given the rugged terrain of the farm, however, they did not find an automation system that would easily meet their needs. They contacted ONDO at the beginning of 2023, thanks to a contact from the company’s team.

The solutions

In the organic hazelnut garden of BG Organica, ONDO built a completely wireless automation of the irrigation, precise fertigation and crop monitoring.

Despite the complex topography and roughness of the terrain, the wireless installation with the ONDO AIR Point modules was adapted to the conditions on the farm. The automation also included automated 2-channel precise fertigation with ONDO FertiON solution.

Four sets of soil moisture sensors were installed to allow the monitoring of the crop needs and enable automated initiation of the irrigation based on sensor data. The soil sensors are also monitoring soil temperature, helping to take effective decisions about nurturing the trees using supplements that are only absorbed given a certain soil temperature.

The results

For the second season now, the owners of BG Organica have been automating the irrigation, precise fertigation and monitoring in their bio hazelnut orchards with ONDO. They are thrilled that the management of these key and time-consuming processes has been fully taken care of. The administration of the system is done remotely, solely by the farm owner.

The system has the ability to precisely apply water-soluble additives with each watering, thus significantly optimising the amount of biological (and expensive) nutrients used.

The hazelnut garden is just beginning to bear fruit, but their first harvest is already showing excellent fruit quality. The ability to track the history of the sensor data and the water consumption also allows for optimization of the water resource used. The farm owner can generate reports on imported water and nutrients, which ensures transparency of the organic farming processes and facilitates the search of international markets for the produce.

Thanks to the alarm notifications for a possible leak or clogging of the system, the farm guarantees the smooth running of the automated irrigation and precise fertigation processes.

With ONDO, BG Organica saves the time of the qualified staff from time-consuming and daily routine activities and allows them to focus on the continuous expansion of the farm, on constructing infrastructure for storage of the production and the search for efficient sales channels.

We can’t wait to see the success of yet another innovative farm using ONDO to optimize the processes of irrigation and precise plant nutrition! Keep up the excellent work, BG Organica!

About BG Organica

Organic hazelnut orchard garden

30 ha

Yalovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


Kaloyan Gichev

Owner of BG Organica

BG Organica is a farm that began operations 7 years ago with the cultivation of 30 ha of organic hazelnuts near the village of Yalovo, Veliko Tarnovo region, Bulgaria. Initially growing a hazelnut variety that was not optimal for their needs, in 2019 they started fresh, by planting new, Italian varieties of hazelnuts, selected by a team of specialists from the University of Perugia, Italy.

For the owners of the farm, the proper cultivation of hazelnuts, in line with the best global practices in the field of organic agriculture, are extremely important – both with a view to properly laying the foundations of the farm, and with a view to the future realisation of the production. That is why right from the planting of the new varieties, they do regular consultations with leading agronomists from countries where this culture is traditional, as well as with leading consultants from companies that are major consumers of the hazelnut produce, such as “Ferrero” Italy.

The company’s team is compact and has a total of 5 people which can efficiently manage the farm thanks to the high mechanisation of the processes.