Konyovo, Nova Zagora region Bulgaria
Konyovo, Nova Zagora region Bulgaria

1 ha

greenhouses, 2 ha open fields

Greenhouse complex “Roseland”

Greenhouse complex “Roseland” saves water, energy and labor force, reduces plant diseases and increases productivity with ONDO precision irrigation, fertigation and climate control

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less water consumed
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less fertilizers consumed
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less energy consumed /electricity, gas, fuels/
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increase in crop yield, also as a result from the reduced diseases on plants
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reduction in human resource used

The challenges

The greenhouse complex “Roseland” is among the farms that are avidly following any technology innovations in agriculture and make the best use of them to increase their productivity with less efforts and resources. Time ago the farm has integrated drip irrigation, misting, circulation fans and vents in their greenhouses, looking to achieve precision irrigation and fertigation and improved greenhouse microclimate, but all of these systems require human resources and investment in time spent to manage and control them.

To reduce plant diseases it is critical to ensure an ongoing and precise regulation of the micro climate in each greenhouse. Despite all technology available, the farm needs human resources who can work with and monitor this technology, as well as timely and adequate reaction to changing climate conditions.

The problem with the lack of labor force becomes even more acute during the coronavirus crisis. Hence, the owner of “Roseland” turned to ONDO to find a solution for easy and quick, including remote, management and control of all greenhouse processes. The requirement is – ONDO should be able to integrate with all of the available equipment for irrigation, misting and climate control, in which the owner has already made a substantial investment.

The solutions

Considering the size of the farm and its automation needs, the team at ONDO recommended to “Roseland” the integration of ONDO LITE solution. The latter is suitable for midsize farmers seeking to automate their farms but in need of managing and controlling a fairly small number of irrigation and fertigation valves and climate control units.

By using ONDO automated precision irrigation, fertigation and climate control solutions, “Roseland” can control 1 main pump or 1 main valve, 12 irrigation valves and 1 main water meter. With regards to the fertigation, by using ONDO LITE the farm can control up to 3 fertilizer dosing channels, 1 dosing buster pump and up to 3 fertimeters. ONDO LITE can control the vents, misting and circulation fans in the greenhouses.

ONDO software platform allows to create up to 30 irrigation programs, 30 fertilizer dosing programs and 30 weekly schedules. In addition, it visualizes the full historical data on all automated processes, allows to activate failure alarms, adapt the irrigation and fertigation in line with a 3-day weather forecast and more.

ONDO team has integrated ONDO LITE with Roseland’s current infrastructure for irrigation, fertigation and climate control.

The results

By using ONDO precision irrigation, fertigation and climate control system, the team at “Roseland” successfully automated the irrigation, fertigation and climate control in their greenhouse complex. The management and control of all processes can now be achieved in a quick and easy manner, remotely, so the farm can react timely and adequately to the changing plant growing conditions.

With less effort and less human labor force, “Roseland” achieved an increased crop yield, in their first year of using ONDO. ONDO allows them to work more efficiently and have piece of mind, which is important for taking the right decisions during the work process.

The improved microclimate control in the greenhouses considerably reduces the plant diseases, which has a positive effect on the quantity and quality of the produce.

The complex also has a local weather station installed, thanks to which it achieves precise management and control of the microclimate in the greenhouses, in line with the current weather conditions.

About “Roseland” Greenhouse Complex

Greenhouses with roses, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers

1 ha greenhouses, 2 ha open fields

Konyovo, Nova Zagora, Bulgaria


Petko Dinev,

Owner of greenhouse complex Roseland

The greenhouse complex “Roseland” in Konyovo, Bulgaria is owned by the farmer Petko Dinev. Over the past 6 years he keeps developing and extending the farm and now boasts of 0.7 ha of greenhouses with hybrid roses and 0.3 ha tunnel greenhouses where tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers are grown.

Along with the greenhouses, “Roseland” has 2 ha of open fields in which melons, watermelons and cabbage are grown. The owner plans to extend his farm with another 0.3 ha of greenhouses and install ONDO automation tools on this extra farming land as well.