About us

ONDO’s team of agricultural experts and agronomists have solid experience in the building and integration of solutions for automated drip irrigation, precise plant nutrition and climate control for greenhouses and open fields.

Together with a skilled team of software and hardware specialists, they work to create a reliable technology solution that meets the needs of farmers while keeping it easy to use and integrate with any existing farm infrastructure and other agricultural solutions.

ONDO’s growth in numbers

For the several years of our existence we have gained a solid position on the farming automation market, thanks to creating solutions that correspond to the needs and expectations of the modern farmer. And this is just the beginning…









Our story

Our journey so far

2023 • April

New version of ONDO Cloud application

ONDO Smart Farming Solutions unveiled a new version of their ONDO Cloud application, enabling farmers to automate manual processes and manage their farms conveniently from anywhere. The updated ONDO Cloud application also provides easier support and faster updates, enhancing the overall user experience

2022 • November

Start of the AgroDigiRise project

ONDO will integrate its solutions in 16 demo points as part of the project “AgroDigiRise – Unlocking the innovative potential of the South Central Region of Bulgaria and in the agricultural sector” of the European Digital Innovation Hub for agriculture AgroHub.bg

2022 • April

New business model announced

ONDO Smart Farming Solutions announced a new and innovative business model, ushering in a significant transformation for the company. This strategic move aims to provide farmers with a more accessible and flexible approach to adopting ONDO’s advanced farming solutions, including the introduction of a monthly subscription-based model

2021 • June

Major investment round

ONDO Smart Farming Solutions achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing a major investment round, securing a substantial funding of 1 million euros

2020 • March


ONDO Smart Farming Solutions was founded with a vision to revolutionize agriculture through innovative and sustainable farming technologies

Leadership team

Empowering the Future of Smart Farming: Introducing Our Visionary Leadership Team at ONDO

Ilia Iordanov
Driving growth and innovation: Leading ONDO's vision for smart farming excellence as Chief Executive Officer
Ivaylo Enev
Innovating for customer success: ONDO's Chief Product Officer driving product excellence and customer-centric solutions
Ivan Dragoev
Engineering technological advancements: ONDO's Chief Technology Officer leading innovation and technical excellence
Svilen Mladenov
Chief agronomist
Cultivating agricultural excellence: ONDO's Chief Agronomist spearheading innovation in crop management
Pencho Popadiyn
Chief software architect
Designing the future of agricultural technology: ONDO's Chief Software Architect leading software innovation
Svetla Markova
Partnership manager
Fostering collaborative growth: ONDO's Partnership Manager driving strategic alliances and success
Milena Zheleva
Human resource manager
Enabling success through people: ONDO's HR Manager driving human capital strategy and development
Memi Genosar
Business and strategy advisor
Shaping the path to success: ONDO's Business and Strategy Advisor pioneering growth strategies and business innovation
Georgi Zahariev
Business and strategy advisor
Guiding the company towards improved operations, finances, product development, team structuring and investor relations.
Alexander Efremov
Advisor Data Science
Paving the path to the company's success by supporting the R&D and product development with huge data science expertise

Our Investors

An investor in ONDO Solutions Ltd. is New Vision 3 Fund, which is co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds under the Operational Programme for Innovation and Competitiveness 2014-2020 managed by the Fund of Funds in Bulgaria.