First ONDO Installation in Greece

We are happy to announce that the first ONDO installation for Greece is now a fact!

In August last year we had our first Demo Days for the region of Kastoria, Northern Greece. The demo days, organised by our partner for Northern Greece Thomas Moschos, attracted many local farmers. We had demonstrations of our solutions as well as on-site visits to many orchard farms in the region (Kastoria is producing 60,000+ tonnes of apples annually!).

During this demo visit we understood a lot about the specific irrigation automation challenges that farmers from the region of Kastoria are facing. And, following these discussions, we are glad to say that we started developing and have already released a new version of our automation controller that would exactly respond to the automation needs of the local farmers!

The new controller, having passed extensive internal and on-site testing, is now installed in the first open field farm in Kastoria! This is the open-field farm Moschos Farm based in Polikarpi, Kastoria.

The farm is growing alfalfa and corn for the needs of its cattle breeding farm divisions – Moschos Farm is a key producer of organic and traditional dairy and meat products for Northern Greece! Thanks to the automation of the farm irrigation, the farm is now ready to meet the new crop cycle in a technologically-advanced manner!

Thanks to the remote management and control of the irrigation automation, the farm now requires less human resources for management of the irrigation process. The irrigation can be controlled 24/7 in a remote and automated way, from anywhere on the planet.

Thanks to the reporting functionality coming soon in ONDO, Moschos farm would be able to easily monitor the exact quantities of water used with the new automation throughout the entire crop season.

Our first installation for Greece will be used as a site for our next demos for the local farmers. We are looking forward to that!

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