ONDO supports the farmers on their way to precision farming and smart farming

With ONDO, farmers have full control on their open field or greenhouse farms, right in their hands. The system helps them to achieve precision farming by automating the processes and optimizing the resources and costs, and it also helps them make the leap to the next level – the smart agriculture. Thanks to the data that the ONDO farmers collect and analyze via ONDO, the farmers can take the best decisions in order to achieve the optimal yield and profits. Thus using ONDO they become particularly competitive.

The above was the key message delivered by Ilia Iordanov – CEO of ONDO Solutions – at the International conference ’10 years of Cooperation, Exchange and Connectivity between China and CEE Countries’. The event was organized by the Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China and the Central and Eastern European Countries /APACCCEEC/ and took place in the Aula of the Sofia University.

The conference brought together representatives from governmental institutions, the non-profit sector and the businesses operating in the sphere of agriculture from all countries-members of the initiative „16+1“.

Bulgaria is world-renown for its high-quality software industry. In the Agri-tech sector, ONDO is the only Bulgarian solution that develops with a very good speed and is becoming extremely successful over the past few years.

Ilia Iordanov presented the advantages of the ONDO solutions and quoted some of the achievements of the ONDO farmers, most of them registering a 20% higher crop yield, 20% reduction in the usage of fertilizer, 30% reduction in irrigation water used and 30% less human error. As a direct result from those savings, the farmers account for increased profits of up to 30%.

„The Chinese market is very interesting for us and we are open to discussions for strategic partnership in the region.“, added Ilia Iordanov.

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