The functional prototype of ONDO controller is now a fact!

ONDO controller is an essential component of the digital farming solution for automated drip irrigation management and control, precise plant nutrition and climate control for various crops, offered by ONDO.

ONDO solution is being developed by technical partner IndigoVerge. The company is in charge of the design, assembly, architecture and development of ONDO controller.

The controller is based on Schneider Electric industrial PLC and CompuLab fitlet2 industrial PC (IndigoVerge is an official partner for Schneider Electric). In addition to choosing and assembling the hardware, IndigoVerge also developed the PLC application, the system software and the web-based user interface.

Thanks to ONDO digital farming solutions, farmers can now reduce their water consumption with up to 85%, reduce their energy consumption (electricity, diesel, etc) with up to 50%, cut the usage of fertilizers with up to 40%, bring down the errors caused by the human factor with up to 60% and increase their productivity with 50% on average, depending on the type of crop grown..

Interested in whether and how ONDO digital farming can help you to increase the productivity and financial results in your own farm?

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