ONDO for Berries

Predictable, high-quality yield - on any soil and climate.

Berry plants can benefit a lot from ONDO’s precise irrigation and fertigation based on the plant growth phase and 24/7 real-time sensor data. The plants get the water delivered to their roots only when they need it, and fertigation is only performed when soil moisture levels are appropriate for the efficient nutrient absorption by the plants.

The EC and pH values of the irrigation water are critical for the yield, taste and preservation quality of the berry fruit. Thanks to ONDO’s automatic control and precise adjustment of the EC and pH values of the water, with different targets set for the different plant growth periods, farmers get complete predictability for the yield and high quality of the crop.

Using ONDO, berry farmers use 30% less water and 20% less nutrients, ensuring a sustainable and clean crop. In addition, with ONDO, farmers can grow berries in any region, regardless of whether it is dry or receiving ample rainfall. The berry crop yield can be boosted up to three times, and the taste, quality and durability of the berry fruit can be improved.

Recommended ONDO Solution for
berries in greenhouses


Suitable for mid-size and large open field farms and greenhouses


Suitable for small open field farms and tunnel greenhouses

* EC/pH control, ONDO Sense, Climate control and Air Bubble Jet are not supported by ONDO Go


Get started


Get started
Irrigation automation

(unlimited irrigation zones)

(up to 7 irrigation zones)

Fertigation automation

(up to 6 precise fertigation channels)

(2 venturi injectors/hydraulic injector pump OR 1 precise fertigation channel)

EC\pH control

Not supported

Soil sensors
ONDO Sense

Not supported

Climate control


Not supported

Air Bubble Jet


Not supported

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ONDO for growing berries

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