ONDO for Vegetables

Increased yield and improved quality of the crop

High yield and great vegetable quality

The irrigation and fertigation processes for vegetables, including the control of the EC and pH levels of the irrigation water, require precise management and control, in line with the plant growth stage. Additionally, when vegetables are grown in greenhouses, the climate control must be tailored to the specific needs of the crops and the time of day.

The ONDO system enables vegetable farmers to accurately regulate the delivery of water and nutrients to their vegetables at each stage of growth and avoid the negative effect of over- and under-irrigation. Greenhouse vegetable farmers can maintain optimal climate conditions for the crop regardless of the external environmental conditions. ONDO also automatically maintains and adjusts the EC and pH of the irrigation water, ensuring that the plant nutrient needs are met and crop quality is at its best.

ONDO irrigation, precise fertigation and climate control automation maximizes the vegetable yield in greenhouses and guarantees great taste and preservation qualities of the crop.

Recommended ONDO Solution for
vegetables in greenhouse


Suitable for mid-size and large open field farms and greenhouses


Suitable for small open field farms and tunnel greenhouses

* EC/pH control, ONDO Sense, Climate control and Air Bubble Jet are not supported by ONDO Go


Get started


Get started
Irrigation automation

(unlimited irrigation zones)

(up to 7 irrigation zones)

Fertigation automation

(up to 6 precise fertigation channels)

(2 venturi injectors/hydraulic injector pump or 1 precise fertigation channel)

EC\pH control

Not supported

Soil sensors
ONDO Sense

Not supported

Climate control


Not supported

Air Bubble Jet


Not supported

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