In our new case study: Biodynamic farm Versol minimizes the losses resulting from human error, saves water, energy and human resources with ONDO

Yet another ONDO customer has completed a full crop cycle with ONDO automation and has shared the results achieved so far. Biodynamic farm Versol which chose ONDO to automate the irrigation, fertigation and climate control in its 13 newly-built greenhouses, with a total farming land of 0.35 ha, has reported not only savings in all major resources used – human resource, water, energy, biological nutrients used, but also reduction in crop losses resulting from human error.

Versol is one of the farms in Bulgaria that is already fully independent from external energy and water resources, having its own photovoltaic park and using only rainwater for the plant irrigation. But this independency also means a wise and very precise usage of the available water and energy resources. In the past the farm was suffering crop yield losses due to the human factor taking decisions for the plant irrigation. ONDO automation will now ensure that the water and the bio agents used to nourish the plants are used in the most optimal way, per the needs of the plants in every stage of their growth.

In addition, the farm can now count on the most optimal usage of the biological nutrients used to nourish the plants, as well as automated maintenance of the most appropriate climate in the 13 greenhouses. 

This farm automation had quite a few specific requirements but we are happy to have managed to meet them all!

There are numerous video materials created for Versol as a farm and we are glad to share with you also excerpts from two of the materials sharing the farm owners’ experience with ONDO automation platform.

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