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High yield with less resources - on any soil and climate.

Irrigation is a crucial factor affecting maize yield. Research estimates that each maize plant requires approximately 250 litres of water. While maize farming is typically carried out in humid areas or regions with regular rainfall, areas with inconsistent rainfall and nutrient depletion produce maize below its potential.

ONDO’s automation solutions for irrigation and precise fertigation offer farmers several benefits for maize farming, including the flexibility to successfully grow maize in both dry and rainy regions. The precise irrigation automation ensures that the soil moisture levels are appropriate, even in sandy soils, which typically have a low water-holding capacity. Precise and economical fertigation enables efficient nutrient delivery to the soil, promoting maximum nutrient absorption.

With ONDO, the maize crop yield can increase up to three times, regardless of whether the land is rain-fed or dry.

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Suitable for mid-size and large open field farms and greenhouses


Suitable for small open field farms and tunnel greenhouses

* ONDO Sense, Air Bubble Jet are not supported by ONDO Go


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Get started
Irrigation automation

(unlimited irrigation zones)

(up to 7 irrigation zones)

Fertigation automation

(up to 6 precise fertigation channels)

(2 venturi injectors/hydraulic injector pump OR 1 precise fertigation channel)

Soil sensors
ONDO Sense

Not supported

Air Bubble Jet


Not supported

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ONDO for growing maize

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