New: Major updates on the Climate History screens

We are glad to let you know about a cool major improvement of ONDO Climate History screens!

The screens are showing a detailed historical view of all sensor data measured by the sensors deployed on your farm and integrated with ONDO. Historical sensor information is important for farmers and we know you need to be able to search and filter through it in a convenient manner.

The new climate history is now more intuitive, easier to search, easier to compare data. What’s better and new in it?

> Quick Search filters

Whether you need to check the sensor data for the current day, the past 3 or 7 days – it’s all a single click away! And no matter what filter you choose to apply on the data, you can easily scroll back and forth and visualize the daily data as well.

> Sensor data structuring

ONDO Precision farming is largely based on actionable sensor data. Hence, an ONDO farmer is likely to have numerous sensors measuring the soil temperature, soil moisture, environment temperature and so on. Some of this data may be coming from an ONDO weather station, others may be coming from the EC, PH, soil moisture or other sensors connected to ONDO.

All available sensor data is now structured in an intuitive manner, reflecting the farm infrastructure: thus you can easily choose the exact set of parameters you want to trace back as values. Then, all data gets visually mapped on nice, full-detail data charts that you can instantly download.

> New: EC and PH sensor data

A completely new addition to ONDO is the integration of EC and PH sensor data. Every ONDO customer can now purchase and connect EC/PH sensors to ONDO and have the values from those sensors visualized, both in terms of current value and historical data. The current EC/PH data is conveniently displayed on the Dashboard as well.

Coming soon is the option to automatically control the EC/PH of irrigation water based on the incoming EC/PH sensor data and target parameters, so you can easily achieve an optimal environment for the plants you are growing.

The above updates will be gradually rolled out to all ONDO customer installations. Enjoy!

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