My ONDO is the cloud-based application used by all ONDO automation products. It enables access, monitoring and control of the entire automated infrastructure in the farm, 24/7, from anywhere.


Irrigation management

Irrigation via programs, automated schedules or soil moisture-initiated. Multiple irrigation infrastructures supported.

Fertigation management

Precise control of the fertigation process using fertigation by quantity, time and EC/pH values.

Climate control management

Management of vents, circulation fans, thermal screens and misting.

Alarm notifications

Automated notifications via mobile or desktop app when critical conditions occure

Air and soil sensor historical data

Detailed log and export of all historical sensor data, to enable further analysis.

Reports and activity tracking

Standard and custom reports with table and chart visualization, full tracking of manual and automated actions.

User management and access roles

Unlimited users with different access rights to the functionalities in the system.

Integration with third party solutions

Integration with third-party agricultural solutions via API.

Why a modern cloud-based solution is good for farmers?

24/7 remote monitoring & control

Immediate diagnostics and support

Instant update with the latest features

Integrations with other farming solutions

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