In our new case study: Greenhouse complex Angel Metlarov reduces human resources used and minimizes human error with ONDO

The lack of qualified labor force in agriculture is an issue that is becoming more and more acute over the past years. Combined with the need for predictable crop output and high-quality and cleaner produce, it has been a key reason behind the increased demand for farm automations nowadays.

Lack of labor force and the high level of human error was also the reason why Greenhouse complex Angel Metlarov, with 14 greenhouses in Svilengrad, Bulgaria, has turned to ONDO solutions.

The greenhouse complex grows 3 crops per year, in each of the greenhouses. And right from the first few months of automating their precision irrigation and fertigation with ONDO, they were able to cut down the human resource used with more than 30%, optimize the water and energy used, minimize the level of human error and vastly improve their time for reaction to equipment failures.

Find out more on the challenges Greenhouses Angel Metlarov was looking to solve with ONDO precision farming and the solutions we offered – in our new client case study.

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