New client case study: MARJAN-MID achieved 30% cut on human resource and 15% increase in crop yield

We recently shared with you the amazing results received by Roseland throughout their first year of using ONDO. And here come the results of another ONDO customer – the Greenhouse complex ‘MARJAN-MID’.

MARJAN-MID is a greenhouse complex in Sachevo, North Macedonia specialized in growing a vast range of vegetables, including early vegetables. At present, the complex has 1.3 ha of covered greenhouses and 1.5 ha of open fields.

Considering the increasing size of the farm and the expanding diversity of vegetables grown in it, the control of all processes in the greenhouse was becoming more complex and there was an increasing need for human staff who would control those processes, in a timely and accurate manner.

After integrating ONDO LITE on 0.4 ha of their greenhouses, MARJAN-MID achieved a 30% reduction in human resources needed while registering a 15% increase in crop yield and savings on major resources used!

Check out more on the challenges faced by MARJAN-MID, the solutions offered by ONDO and the results achieved throughout their very first year of using ONDO – in our new client case study.

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