New ONDO Climate control strategies for greenhouses - greenhouse automation

Welcome to the new climate control strategies!

We are glad to let you know that ONDO’s new strategies for control and monitoring of the climate in greenhouses are now live!

  • 4 types of climate devices are automatically managed by ONDO to achieve and maintain the best climate conditions for your crops.
    To create and maintain the desired climate conditions in your greenhouse, ONDO can automatically control the side and roof vents, the circulation fans, the thermal (shading) screens and the misting devices you have in your greenhouse. Each climate device will have its behaviour defined by the farmer, in the easy-to-use MyONDO cloud-based administration platform.

  • All control is based on real-time measurements taken from 3 different sensors in your greenhouse.
    To use the climate control functionality, you need to have an ONDO measuring box inside each of your greenhouse premises. The measuring box makes real-time measurements of the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse and those are used by ONDO to automatically control the greenhouse climate. Optionally, your shading screens can also be controlled based on sun radiation measurements. To use sun radiation-based climate control, you would need an ONDO Weather station installed in your greenhouse complex.
  • Each greenhouse can have a separate climate control setup, depending on the crop grown and the best climate conditions for its growth phase.
    As a farmer, you know what is the most appropriate temperature, humidity and sunshine for your plants. With ONDO you can meet the requirements of the plants grown in each separate greenhouse compartment, by simply creating a separate climate strategy for that compartment.
  • Alarms will alert you any time a low/high measurement of a climate parameter is detected.
    ONDO will automate your climate control, so you can free up time for important tasks. But, it will also keep you informed when lows or highs in the greenhouse temperature, humidity and sun radiation are hit, via alarms sent to your phone.
  • Sensor history charts will let you monitor the climate measurements and automated actions taken by ONDO, so you can further optimise your climate strategy.
    The optimal and most precise climate strategies are  based on data rather than assumptions. Hence, as soon as you activate your initial climate strategies, we give you all the data you need – displayed in easy to use charts or exportable files – to further optimise your climate control.

As always, you can control and monitor your climate strategies 24/7, from anywhere, via any mobile device, using the easy MyONDO administration platform. MyONDO is always available in the local language of the farmer.

The ONDO team is happy to get and consider your feedback on the new climate strategies at: [email protected]. Enjoy!

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