New ONDO functionality in the pipeline: Google Maps dashboard view

If you are an ONDO customer, you already know that we are always working to improve the solutions we offer. Whether we improve the user experience, release new functionalities, new business models or optimise MyONDO performance – we never stop looking for ways to make ONDO more useful, more efficient and more accessible for our current and potential customers.

And – here is the next functionality that is already into our development pipeline – a Google maps Dashboard view of the fields you manage with ONDO!

How will this benefit you, the ONDO farmer?

  • You can draw inside ONDO the borders of all fields you manage with ONDO.
  • All your irrigation, precise fertigation and climate control devices will be automatically displayed on those fields, based on device coordinates.

  • All your fields and devices will be displayed on your dashboard, with option to zoom in/out and view details.
  • You can view the zones currently irrigated by ONDO.
  • At any given moment, you can view areas with active raised alarms and click to find out more.
  • Key sensor data is accessed with a single click.
  • For greenhouses with climate control, you get an overview of the basic climate parameters, in all your greenhouses.

And much more!

The Google Maps view is aimed at giving you a bird’s eye view of all your farming fields managed by ONDO, with all automated processes currently performed in them and the latest sensor data retrieved from all your sensors. Loads of data shown at a glance, on your mobile or desktop device.

As usual, the new functionality, when released, will be automatically made available to all existing ONDO customers.

Stay tuned for more news from our development kitchen!

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