New version 2.3.0 of ONDO Weather mobile app

We are glad to let all current ONDO Weather customers know that there is a new version 2.3.0 of ONDO Weather mobile app for Android and iOS, with several key improvements.

What’s new in this version?

✔ New, better and easier to navigate History charts, displaying the changes in the parameters measured by your weather station ONDO Weather
The new charts allow for hourly charting of the parameters measured by the weather station and 3-hour accumulated measurements for 7-day historical periods.

✔ New chart displaying, historically, the quantity of rain and snow received
The quantity of rainfall and snowfall received, for a chosen, up to 7-day period in the past, can now be also visualized historically, via the new Rainfall chart

✔ The weather forecast now includes the rainfall and snowfall forecast
In all forecast screens, both hourly and daily, you can already see the expected quantity of rain and/or snow, in mm/m2.

✔ More punctual calculation of the dew point value

✔ User interface improvements
The dashboard, as well as the forecast screens, are now featuring multiple UI improvements related to the easier navigation through the data and the better notation of the sunset and sunrise time via the display of respective daily or nightly icons.

To update your ONDO Weather mobile app version, open one of the links below from your phone and click the button Update.

ONDO Weather in Google Play Store | ONDO Weather in AppStore

Enjoy the new version!

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