In 2023 ONDO equipped 3 science and 6 farming demo points for project AgroDigiRise of DIH!

With the year already coming to an end, we are glad to look back at an amazing track record of ONDO on the AgroDigiRise project of the European Digital Innovation Hub

The aim of the project ‘AgroDigiRise – Unlocking the innovative potential of the South Central Region of Bulgaria and in the agricultural sector’ is to demonstrate, in a real-world environment, the potential for resource optimisation and process automation in agriculture thanks to the integration of precision farming technologies like ONDO. To achieve the goal, within the project time span of 36 months a total of 16 demo points – of which 13 farms and 3 science centres – will be equipped with the ONDO solutions for automation of the irrigation, precise fertigation, monitoring and climate control, along with technology solutions from TechnoLogica and Bevine.

We are proud to announce that this year’s progress of ONDO on the project has been amazing, with 3 science demo centres already equipped and benefiting from the ONDO automation solutions, and 6 farms having their ONDO automations fully completed by the end of the year!

If you missed our announcements for the official opening of the 3 science demo points – check out videos and photos from the opening of:

The farming demo points are awaiting official opening – stay tuned for news on Facebook and take a peak at one of the farming demo points – the greenhouse and open field farm of OPORA ZADEN Bulgaria.

What does the above mean for the farmers, agricultural specialists and scientists, students in agriculture and everyone interested in the effect of digitalisation in farming?

  • Everyone can now visit our agricultural demo points and see how the technologies integrated with them are working together and saving water, fertiliser, time and at the same time boosting the yield!
  • There will be full-day demo days monthly, with extensive tours of the demo points and presentations done by ONDO specialists themselves, from representative of all other technology partners, as well as insights and feedback shared by the team operating the technologies in the demo points
  • Each of the demo points will be tracking before digitalisation – after digitalisation results and reporting the data to everyone interested. ONDO will also be sharing these results – coming soon are the first results shared by the Science Demo centre of Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute!
  • A number of hands-on trainings will now get organised at the demo points, allowing the farmers to learn more about good practices related to the automated irrigation, precise fertigation and climate control, for different crops

We are excited to see the flow of farmers to the first demo points and their determination to take advantage of the digital technologies – to optimise their farms and meet the sustainability challenges our world is already facing!

If you are interested in the next demo events of AgroDigiRise – send us an email to agrodigirise [at] and we’ll keep you informed about all next Demo Point events.

More AgroDigiRise news coming soon!

The project AgroDigiRise is co-financed by the European Union as part of ‘Digital Europe’ program.

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