NEW in ONDO: Alarm notifications – on your mobile or desktop device

Announcing a new functionality in ONDO! The ONDO users can now subscribe to receive instant notifications on their mobile or desktop device as soon as an alarm has been raised or cleared in ONDO!

In the ONDO platform there are automated alarm notifications raised as soon as deviations in the normal behaviour of the irrigation and fertigation processes have been noticed – for example, in the case of no water flow, low flow or high flow which are usually connected to clogging or leaks in the irrigation system or the fertigation system managed by ONDO. The notifications get automatically cleared in case the detected issue is no longer observed.

There are notifications sent for various situations: when there is no connection to the sensors, when the low or high threshold for the temperature, humidity or other greenhouse parameters has been hit, and many more. Of course, every farmer defines the parameters he wants to monitor and the low/high thresholds activating the alarms.

And now, every user in ONDO can subscribe to receive alarm notifications on his mobile phone or desktop device, and thus get informed and be able to take respective measures in a more timely manner, in case of issues.

There are 2 simple steps required to activate the alarm notifications on your device.

1. Agree to get subscribed to alarm notifications for your profile
2. Activate the notifications in your browser
The alarm notifications show brief information about the alarm. A click on the notification takes the user to his ONDO profile where he can see the full details about the alarm. Subscribing to receive alarm notifications is a feature that is only available in the latest ONDO version. All current ONDO customers will get an upgrade to the new version in the coming months. More ONDO functionalities are just coming out of our pipeline – stay tuned!

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