ONDO opens a SeedBlink investment round

We are glad to announce that, following many inquiries we have recently received from private investors looking to invest in ONDO, we have now opened an investment round at SeedBlink. This round would allow smaller investors to support our company while at the same time, ensure a straightforward, fast and easy investment process.

SeedBlink is all-in-one solution for equity management and financing that makes it easier for tech companies and their stakeholders to access, manage and trade equity. More than 98,700 investors have invested €341,2M of funding via SeedBlink. The investment process is easy, requiring registration as an investor, personal data verification and offering different payment methods.

Via this SeedBlink round, ONDO can accept as investors individuals who are looking to invest €2,500 or more. Following their registration and verification, the potential investors can review the company key information and financials, and commit to buying the desired company equity. As soon as the round has been closed, everyone who committed to becoming an investor in ONDO would receive an invitation to complete the formal and financial parts of the investment process.

The current investment round will be open until 21.01.2024 16.02.2024.

If you are interested in supporting a company that increases the sustainability and profitability of the agricultural sector, in times when climate changes are already impacting the supply of food – join the ONDO investment round on SeedBlink!

Why invest in ONDO?

  • #1 farm automation solution in Bulgaria for 2022 and 2023
  • International partner network in Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Meets the automation needs of also small and mid-size farmers, increasing their profit with 30%+

Join the ONDO investor team until 21.01.2024 16.02.2024 or help us spread the word!

Looking for a personal discussion with ONDO before committing to invest? Email us at info[at]ondo.io and we will get back with a slot for a call.

Thanks to SeedBlink for the opportunity and ongoing support!

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