ONDO automates the irrigation and precise fertigation in open fields with corn

The automation of the irrigation and precise fertigation in huge open fields, especially if it is wireless automation, is traditionally challenging, since it depends on the specifics of the terrain, the availability of infrastructure for building and storing of the automation equipment etc. In one of our recent projects, however, all these challenges had been overcome, and which is more – they were overcome within a very short installation time frame.

Our customer on this project – AGROINVEST-VN from the town of Silistra, Bulgaria got in touch with our team to replace an existing, cable-based automation of irrigation and precise fertigation with wireless automation that he could remotely manage and control. He needed the automation for two of his farming lands – one 70 ha and one 50 ha, both of them planted with corn.

The goals pursued with the automation were:

  • ensuring that the plants were getting the optimum water and nutrients, while at the same time also:
  • minimising the resources used
  • minimising the human labour needed
  • reducing any human errors to a minimum

In the farming lands of AGROINVEST-VN, ONDO installed two separate ONDO automation systems, which automate the irrigation and precise fertigation via wireless AIR Point modules. In addition, ONDO has been integrated with multiple elements from the infrastructure for irrigation and fertigation of the farm – fertigation system, drilling pump, booster pump, as well as a filter. Those components can now be managed and controlled by the farm owner in a fully automated and remote manner. In the near future, the owner is also planning to integrate in the system a weather station ONDO Weather, to ensure even better precision of the irrigation and fertigation of the crop, in line with the real-time data coming from the weather station sensors and integrated with ONDO.

The installation of the automation for those fairly big farming properties had been completed in a total of just 2 days! After the current crop season is over, we will share with you the benefits that the farm owner is taking advantage of, thanks to the automation with ONDO!

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