ONDO automation in two more greenhouses in North Macedonia

Two more greenhouses in North Macedonia will be joining the ‘smart’ farms using automated irrigation, precise fertigation and climate control with ONDO! The great news comes from the ONDO representative for the country – GM Meteo (Gligor Todorov).

North Macedonia is an established producer and exporter for a variety of vegetables. ONDO already automates the irrigation, precise fertigation and climate control in one of the new and very modernised greenhouses producing vegetables in the country – MARJAN MID. The farm is reporting significant savings in human resources, fertilizer, water, as well as an increase in the crop yield by more than 20%. You can read more about this customer in our client case study.

We are confident that the two new greenhouses – Greenhouse complex Dobra and Greenhouse Studio D. – will report the same (if not better!) positive results from their ONDO automation.

Greenhouse complex ‘Dobra’ is one of the biggest greenhouse farms in the country. In the 6 hectares of glass-steel greenhouses, the farm is growing mainly tomatoes and cucumbers. In the farming complex, ONDO will set up automation of the farm irrigation and precise fertigation. With this automation, the greenhouse aims at achieving maximum precision of the crop irrigation and fertigation processes and as a result – better yield, better taste and better durability of the produce. A key role for meeting these goals will be played by the module for management of the EC/PH values of the irrigation water. The precision of the automated irrigation and fertigation will be further enhanced thanks to the integration of a weather station ONDO Weather on the farm.

Greenhouse ‘Studio D.’ is one of the smaller farms to be automated with ONDO. In this glass-steel Holland-make greenhouse of 0.2 ha the farmers are using hydroponic method for growing tomatoes and cucumbers. This farm will, hence, benefit a lot from the numerous options that ONDO gives for automation of the precise plant fertigation, since hydroponics requires short, but frequent and intense irrigation and fertigation. Hydroponics also demands the usage of a module for adjusting the values of the EC and PG of the irrigation water, to ensure the quality nutrition of the plants.

In Greenhouse ‘Studio D.’ ONDO will also be automating the climate control, by collecting real-time sensor data for the air temperature and humidity, and managing the vents on the roof of the greenhouses accordingly. To add extra precision to the processes of irrigation, precise fertigation and climate control in the greenhouse, a weather station ONDO Weather will be added to the automation. Thus, the farm will ensure that the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse are optimal for the growth of the crop, and as a result – will pursue better crop yield, improved taste and durability of the produce, as well as less losses from plant diseases. With the automation of the climate control, the greenhouse will also ensure automated protection of the greenhouse construction in the event of strong winds.

We welcome the two farms to our growing community of smart and successful ONDO-mated farms! Follow our Facebook and LinkedIn page for photos from the installations!

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