With ONDO, farmers get an expert answer to any questions they have within only 15 minutes

“It only takes the farmers 15 minutes before they can get an expert answer, from ONDO system, to key questions they have related to the crop growing processes monitored by ONDO. And we all know that in agriculture, the timely information, reaction and solution to issues can be critical for the crop. We are working on extending ONDO platform with a lot of new functionality and making even more services available to ONDO farmers”.

This was one of the key statements made by ONDO CEO Ilia Iordanov in his presentation to Bulgarian and Czech companies and organizations working in the sphere of agriculture, at the recent online forum for smart farming. The conference event, organized by Wirelessinfo and the Agency for trade and economics in Prague, took place on June 22-23, 2021, with the support of SmartAgriHubs and BASSCOM.

„Our solution has been developed with the aim to let farmers control and monitor the irrigation, fertigation ad climate control processes on their farms, from any part of the world. Thanks to the notifications they receive from ONDO, they can stay updated with any changes done and always have the latest picture of what is going on in their farm fields. ONDO is also providing them with monthly and weekly reports. A key benefit for farmers is also the 24/7 support provided by ONDO Team.” – said Ilia Iordanov.

He also noted that ONDO has been on the market for only 1.5 years, but the progress made by the company so far is really impressive. There are more than 20 installations done and three of the customers have already completed a full crop cycle with ONDO.

„The results these customers shared are showing that they employed 30% less human resources, used 30% less water compared to previous years and registered energy savings of about 30%. They also reacted faster to technical and other issues and their crop yield increased with approximately 20%.”, added Ilia.

He claimed that ONDO is working that well because of being focused on one of the key problems the farmers are facing – the inefficient resource usage.

„Farmers are either using excessive, or insufficient resources”, shared Ilia Iordanov.

This is exactly the problem that ONDO’s team, made up of agronomists, IT and PR/marketing specialists is focusing on.

„The other problem we are tackling with ONDO is the unattractiveness of the farming sector to the young people. They don’t ask themselves where the plant food is coming from, what is the environment it grows in, etc. We hope that the next generation of farmers will be even more aware of the significance of using smart farming solutions. And last but not least, we are also aware of the climate changes occurring everywhere and their impact upon the crop – the unforeseeable results for the crop yield and the economic benefits for the farmers. ONDO allows to offset in a way the climate changes since it is an automated system for precision irrigation, fertigation and climate control that is activated based on incoming data from the environment.”, added Ilia Iordanov

In his presentation at the Bulgarian-Czech forum he also explained that ONDO is a controller that connects to the existing farm infrastructure and manages all processes in the farm.

“The software allows the farmer to receive information regarding activities he should perform, but the big benefit of ONDO is the automated performance of all process, based on data-driven system recommendations.”

ONDO can be used for numerous crops – vegetables, vineyards, orchards, corn, berries and others.

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