ONDO among 8 Bulgarian software companies selected to present themselves to 40 companies from Japan

ONDO was among the 8 software companies, selected to present themselves to more than 40 Japanese companies at the trade forum „Bulgaria: Hot spot for IT and BPO“, organized by the Embassy of Japan and the Japanese Organization for Foreign Trade JETRO with the cooperation of the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency. The organizers had invited to this forum companies from Bulgaria and Japan that offer technology solutions in the sphere of software development, in a broad range of fundamental and practical business segments.

The automation solutions for precision agriculture offered by ONDO, which translates as “Temperature” in Japanese, attracted particular interest.

The co-founder and CTO of ONDO Ivan Dragoev who was presenting the company at this forum, saw a real match for the Japanese translation of ONDO, since one of the directions the product is focused in is the precise climate control and maintaining the target temperatures required for the plant development. ONDO, however, precisely controls many other important processes in agriculture like automated drip irrigation, nutrition, fertigation, efficient usage of the water, energy and human resources and others.

Ivan pointed out that ONDO is the modern response to the challenges that farmers are facing nowadays, like low efficiency, labor shortage, human errors and climate change, the Green Deal, the low quality of food, etc. In his presentation he also said that ONDO Solutions respond to these needs in a fully automated mode, thanks to data analysis, monitoring, reporting, 24/7 support and a user interface that is extremely easy to use.

The Japanese market is a market ONDO will be looking to enter as part of their strategy for market expansion for year 2021 and onwards. The next step will take place in the period 10-11 March, when a series of individual meetings will take place between the Bulgarian companies who presented themselves and their potential Japanese partners.

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