ONDO can now manage and control the thermal screens inside a greenhouse

We are glad to let you know that as part of our roadmap to enable control in ONDO for any device responsible for the irrigation, fertigation or climate control, ONDO can now manage the thermal screens in a greenhouse.

Thermal screens are must-have for any modern greenhouse looking to achieve optimal climate conditions for the plants they grow. The key benefits thermal screens offer are:

  • Helping to prevent plants overheating during hot days
  • Reducing energy consumption for keeping the greenhouse warm during the night, by conserving heat accumulated during the day
  • Control on humidity levels by letting excessive humidity go out

By having thermal screens control in ONDO, greenhouse owners can now remotely open or close all groups of thermal screens they have, at percentage of closing that they desire, from anywhere and any mobile device. ONDO integrates with all major types of thermal screens, regardless of the manufacturer.

This new ONDO functionality is already in action at several of our customer greenhouses. The management and control of the thermal screens is currently manual, done remotely by the customer from his ONDO platform. But, we are already working on a fully automated ONDO control for thermal screens based on target values and data from sensors for sun radiation, air temperature and air humidity. These sensors are part of ONDO weather station and data passed from them is already fully integrated with ONDO.

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