ONDO demonstrated to farmers from the region of Montana, Bulgaria

Last week, we demonstrated the vast automation and precision farming capabilities of ONDO solutions to farmers from the region of Montana, Bulgaria. ONDO CEO Ivaylo Enev presented to local vegetable and berry growers the advantages and benefits enabled by the precise and automated management of the plant irrigation, fertigation and climate control, for greenhouses and open fields alike.

He demonstrated to the farmers how ONDO system is actually controlled via a desktop or mobile device. The ability to control the system remotely is just one of the numerous advantages of the automated farming with ONDO. Among the other advantages is the ability to free up human labor used for repetitive, unqualified tasks and refocus it to other activities in the farm, activities that bring more value and help the farm grow. Yet another advantage is the significant reduction and prevention of human errors. The farmers who have already implemented ONDO in their farms (check out case studies of some of the farmers using ONDO) are already registering significant optimization of energy and water resources, increase in the profit margins, as well as positive effect on the crop.

The presentation also tackled the possibility to finance smart farming solutions such as ONDO via sub-measure 4.1 „Investment in agriculture“ from the Program for development of the rural areas 2014-2020 г. (Read more on the financing options with submeasire 4.1 in our blog post).

This demo event has been organized together with the National agency for agricultural advice’s regional office in Montana.

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