ONDO engaging with training and mentoring of young agricultural specialists

We all know how difficult it might be to step out of the University and dive into a dynamic, real-world environment with hardly any experience. And the support of experienced hands, who can mentor and train you while you stumble into all kinds of difficulties is essential.

Hence, the ONDO team has decided that, having many experienced agricultural and farming automation specialists in our team, we can dedicate time and efforts to contribute to the hands-on training and mentoring of the young generation of agronomists, agricultural consultants and engineers. We can share with them know-how and train them on-site on the benefits and implementation of precision farming automation, and get them familiar with the challenges of contemporary farming.

We are grateful that one of the best agricultural universities on the Balkans – the Agricultural University in Plovdiv – is located in Bulgaria and sourcing knowledgeable and enthusiastic agricultural graduates. The quality of the education received there is proven by the fact that numerous international students are graduating from it, and using the knowledge obtained to become successful when returning to their own countries.

We are glad that two of those international students – Nicholas and Castro, coming from as far as South Africa and completing their last year in the Agricultural University – have put the start to our close collaboration with young agricultural specialists! We have recently welcomed these two students to ONDO headquarters and they have been introduced to the precision automation solutions we are offering to ONDO customers, to our assembly lab, to our engineering team and more. This is the first of a series of meetings and hands-on workshops we plan to hold with the agricultural university graduates. And, in view of ONDO expanding its partner activities in South Africa in the coming years, we do hope these young specialists would be able to support our efforts in promoting the benefits of precision farming automation after coming back home!

We will be welcoming more university graduates to become familiar with and get training on ONDO precision automation solutions, because precise, automated farming is the future, in a world of climate changes, pressure to be efficient on natural resources, to guarantee predictable and sustainable crops. We will be glad to share more news on our ongoing student collaboration initiatives – stay tuned!

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