ONDO automating the irrigation in its first very small farm

  • ONDO can now meet the irrigation automation needs of very small farms – those with less than 0.4 ha arable land
  • The new ONDO GO controller is an economically efficient solution for both very small farms and farms with highly fragmented plots

We are excited to share with you that the ONDO team has just completed the irrigation automation for its first very small farm, with an arable land of 0.1 ha.

ONDO is a solution for the automation of irrigation, precise fertigation and climate control that targets the needs of the small and mid-size farmers. Thanks to the release of our new ONDO GO Controller, specifically aimed at meeting the needs of the farmers in the region of Northern Greece, we can now also automate the irrigation and fertigation in very small farms with total arable land of less than 0.4 ha.

The first farm using ONDO GO for irrigation automation is a farm of 0.1 ha in the region of Popovo, Bulgaria. The owner of the farm is growing a variety of orchard trees, vineyards, as well as berries, mostly raspberries. He is not living on-site, farming is not his main business and hence, is unable to take care of the plants on a regular basis. At the same time, he wants to ensure that the plants are taken care of and that they yield quality fruit. He was aware that the timely irrigation of the plants, in the best possible time, particularly during the hot summer months, was key to ensuring quality crop, both in terms of taste and quantity. The region, however, often becomes dry during the summer months so the water resource has to be wisely used. Last but not least, to ensure prompt actions in case of water leaks or clogging, the land owner required automated alarm notifications in case of issues in the irrigation infrastructure.

In pursuit of an economically efficient solution for the automation and remote control of the irrigation on his property, the property owner reached out to ONDO.

In this small farm there was no irrigation system installed, so the team at ONDO offered a complete solution – a drip irrigation system, installed entirely per the specific requirements of the customer, and an ONDO GO system for irrigation automation. ONDO GO allows the customer to get economically efficient automation, remote control and monitoring of the irrigation, receiving automated notifications in case of issues in the irrigation system. ONDO GO can also integrate with soil moisture sensors, to further precise the irrigation in each irrigation zone based on the data coming from the sensors.

The irrigation automation in our first very small farm is already complete, with soil moisture sensor integration being planned as the next step. Now that the farmer has guaranteed a precise and fully automated irrigation process on his farm, he can opt to extend the system with more components and achieve further precision in the usage of the water resource. ONDO GO, as well as all other ONDO Solutions, are all built to allow for follow-up, economically- and time-efficient extensions of the system.

We are excited that we can now offer automation to an even broader range of small-sized farmers!

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