ONDO exhibiting at Fruit Attraction in Madrid, 3-5 Oct

We are glad to let you know that ONDO will be exhibiting its automation solutions for irrigation and precise fertigation for open fields and greenhouses, and its automation solutions for greenhouse climate control at the upcoming edition of Fruit Attraction in Madrid, Spain

The event, taking place from 3 to 5 Oct 2023, will attract more than 90,000 visitors (from 135 countries), eager to learn more on the latest innovations helping farmers to become successful.

ONDO will be exhibiting its automation solutions in the Smart Agro area of Fruit Attraction 2023. The Smart Agro section exhibits innovative AgriTech solutions for the fruit and vegetable sector – automation, tracking, monitoring, prediction, digitalisation and other solutions. 

At the expo, ONDO’s team will be demonstrating the key automation solutions offered by ONDO and the benefits reported by farmers using ONDO – 30% of savings in water and human resources, 20% savings in fertilizer, 20% higher yield and 30% more profit! ONDO will also be presenting its partnership programs to companies interested in distributing the ONDO suite of solutions. 

If you want to find out more on the potential earnings you can expect, being a distribution partner for ONDO – contact us to book a slot for a meeting with our team.

The event, having also a Fresh produce area with an Ecorganic Market space, a Fresh food logistics area, Biotech Attraction area and more, will occupy for the first time in its existence as many as nine halls of the Madrid exhibition centre, thus exceeding the occupancy of its last edition!  Visit the event website to learn more: https://www.ifema.es/en/fruit-attraction

If visiting the event, stop by the ONDO booth – Smart Agro sector, Hall 5, booth #5G12B. We look forward to meeting you!

ONDO is giving away a limited number of professional invites, entitling you to free access to all days of the fair. Contact us for a free invite and meet us at Fruit attraction Madrid!

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