The quick-start solution for cost-efficient automation
of the irrigation and fertigation

For small open fields or tunnel greenhouses

Automate your small open fields or tunnel greenhouses, using a cost-efficient yet fully functional solution.

Control of the irrigation & fertigation

Manage the irrigation and fertigation with an all-in-one controller.

Easy to install
and use

Install and configure ONDO Go yourself, using detailed manuals, or get help by professionals.

Remote control 24/7, anywhere

Stay in control, no matter where you are. Control and monitor your automated processes, anytime and from anywhere.

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Up to 30% reduction in human resources
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Faster reaction to irrigation issues
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Up to 30% less water
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Up to 20% less fertilizer

What’s included with ONDO Go?

Irrigation automation

ONDO Go allows you to execute and monitor unlimited number of automated irrigation and fertigation programs for your crops. A single irrigation infrastructure and up to 7 valves can be managed, cable-based.

ONDO Go is fully integrated with soil moisture sensors in your farm so irrigation schedules can be initiated or skipped based on real-time soil moisture data.

User-defined alarms alert you in case of deviations in the normal execution of the automated irrigation. Thus, you can take timely measures, or adjust the system to take automated decisions.

Thanks to the advanced reporting and historical data, you can analyze the performance of your automation and tune it up, for even better resource efficiency and improved crop qualities.

Precise fertigation automation

ONDO Go enables full automation of the plant’s nutrition.

ONDO fertigation control allows for punctual dosing of the nutrients and correct release of the water solutions along with the irrigation water. The smooth management of up to 2 venturi injectors/hydraulic injector pump or 1 precise fertigation channel allows for optimal utilization of the available water flow and the irrigation water pressure, while ensuring maximum efficiency of the process.


Suitable for small open field farms and tunnel greenhouses



Suitable for mid-size and large open field farms and greenhouses



ONDO Go is a complete solution. You get the automation software and any additional equipment required for your automation to work. To find out more about the components we provide, take a look at ONDO Solution.

The installation and configuration of ONDO Go controller can be done by the farmer, using step-by-step tutorials provided by ONDO. Normally it takes between 1 and 3 days to self-install and configure the system, depending on the equipment that the automation needs to control.

ONDO Go is suitable for all row crops irrigated via drip irrigation that can benefit from automation of the irrigation and precise fertigation. Since the irrigation control is wired and there is no climate control option with ONDO Go, this ONDO solution is a best fit for small open fields or tunnel greenhouses.

Yes, ONDO Go can be used in tunnel greenhouses with no climate control. If your farm also has small open fields in addition to tunnel greenhouses, you can manage the automation in all those farm fields using a single ONDO Go controller.

ONDO’s unique business model includes continuous warranty for ONDO Go, which covers all defects and malfunctioning of the automation equipment. The continuous warranty is valid for as long as your ONDO subscription is active and duly paid.
The warranty does not apply to:
* The electromagnetic valves. The standard warranty of the valves is 1 year. 

The key benefits from using ONDO Go are financial ones – up to 30%* increase in the profit margin, resulting from up to 30%* reduction in human workforce needed, up to 20%*+ savings in all major resources used – water, fertilizers, plant treatment chemicals, diesel, etc. and up to 20%* increase in crop yield.
*The results are reported by the ONDO users. Read more in our customer case studies.

The integration of ONDO Go allows to see economic benefits right from the first month!

The key differences between ONDO Go and other products on the market are:
1. ONDO Go enables single point of control for all irrigation and fertigation processes on the farm.
2. It is a cloud-based solution and thus allows for remote control and monitoring 24/7, from any part of the world
3. The subscription-based business model enables the farmer to automate their processes for one subscription fee and the cost of the installation services
4. ONDO Go includes continuous warranty and support throughout the entire subscription period.