ONDO Greece Demo Days – wrap-up

The end of last week we had our first and very exciting Demo Days for Greece. The Demo Days were set up thanks to the effort of our first partner for Greece – Thomas Moschos, CEO, Agronomist and Expert at Moschos Farm Greece.

The Demo Days took place in Polikarpi, Kastoria (Northern Greece). The event was joined by apple orchard farmers (the region produces 60,000+ tonnes of apples annually!), irrigation specialists, agronomists and agricultural experts interested in the smart farming solutions offered by ONDO.

We thank everyone for their time and interest! There was interest to follow-up demos from farmers who cold not attend the Demo Days due to the negative consequences from the recent hail that hit the region, as well as interest from farmers and agricultural specialists from more distant regions of Greece. Together with our partner for Greece, we will be setting up extra demos, online and offline, to present the precision farming automation solutions offered by ONDO and discuss next steps for working together.

Our main takeaway from these (and other) Demo Days is the chance to get familiar with the challenges local farmers are facing, so we can properly address them via our solution offers. Any country has its specific farming challenges and this is exactly the reason why we are looking to expand our Partner network, so we can provide high-quality solutions and support that meet the needs of the local farmers.

Another result we are excited about is that these first Demo Days resulted in initiated discussions for setting up the first 2 pilot ONDO farming automations for Greece – for an open-field vegetable farm and apple orchard farm, also growing maize and alfalfa! Having pilot installations is important so farmers can see ONDO solutions in action, and we will be happy to share more details regarding these installations very soon!

We are already planning the next Demo Days for Greece! If you are interested in having our team come to your region of Greece – send out an email to sales [at] ondo.io specifying your location in Greece, and we will get back as soon as there is enough interested to set up a live demo event! 

Stay tuned for more great news on ONDO precision farming automations in Greece!

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