ONDO co-founder Ilia Iordanov presenting ONDO in Taiwan

Being one of the winners in the EBRD AgVenture Startup competition, ONDO Solutions has been invited to present its AgriTech solution for automation of the irrigation, precise fertigation and climate control, as well as monitoring of the plants, at the AgVenture Business Matching Trip event in Taipe.

The event is taking place in the capital of Taiwan between Aug 27 and Sept 2, 2023 in Garage+ (www.garageplus.asia) – an incubator supported by the Epoch foundation who has initiated an educational program named ‘The Young Entrepreneurs of the Future’, in order to stimulate the entrepreneural spirit and the innovations among young talents, which at present have founded 80+ successful startup companies.

The focus of Garage+ and the Epoch Foundation is in the sphere of internet of things, intelligent devices, agriculture and green technologies, medical devices and digital health, AR/VR, Big Data, AI, robotics.

The co-founder and Executive director of ONDO Ilia Iordanov visited the National Taiwan University and was introduced to a product developed by the university and Advantech, which could potentially hold opportunities for collaboration with ONDO.

Ilia Iordanov is also presenting ONDO at the Taiwan Smart AgriWeek Exhibition to Executives and Technical directors of companies operating in the sphere of technology, industry and agriculture, as well as to investment institutions.

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