ONDO awarded by the Innovation council at the Bulgarian chamber of commerce and industry

The teams at ONDO and their technology partner IndigoVerge have earned yet another recognition for ONDO’s smart farming solutions for automated management and control of drip irrigation, precise fertigation, climate control and monitoring for all crops.

Only 10 months after ONDO has been founded, the company has received the ‘Most innovative company’ award by the Innovations Council at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). The award has been handed over by a jury made up of scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and several universities, representative of the business, of the Ministry of Economics and the Fund of Funds.


„We hope that the innovative thinking you are demonstrating and proving today will be the reason for meeting again in the future’ said Georgi Stoev, part of the Managing council of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry when handing over the award.

„In the very near future ONDO’s digital solutions will shape up the agriculture of the future – will increase the crop yield, will reduce the expenses, will optimize the processes. But a digital solution meant for the agriculture will be truly successful only when those who are creating it are well aware of the pains and problems of farmers. In a world that is highly virtual, ONDO is the connection with reality and earth – it is invaluable to see how the 0s and 1s of the software code yield fruit and improve productivity. Thanks to the BCCI for this award – it comes to assure us that our effort to become a leading agritech solution not only in Bulgaria, but in the region, in Europe and beyond, is recognized and valued. Thanks to the teams at ONDO and IndigoVerge who’ve worked really hard throughout the last 10 months and managed, in a very short time, to launch ONDO and already have a number of customers use it and see quick returns on their investment” – said Ivan Dragoev, CTO of ONDO.

ONDO has already been installed in tens of greenhouses and open fields in Bulgaria and North Macedonia, with interest from potential customers registered on the European market and Africa.

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