ONDO is now featuring soil moisture sensor support

We are glad to let you know that, shortly after announcing the release of ONDO AIR Point modules which are able to manage and control – remotely and wirelessly – up to 4 irrigation valves and one soil moisture sensor each, we have already enabled support for soil moisture sensors in ONDO!

The ONDO AIR Points are innovative modules allowing even large open-field farms to benefit from ONDO precision farming and automation at a fraction of the costs, time and hassles incurred with a typical, cable-based installation. They provide full visibility on the irrigation processes and the humidity levels of the soil. By having soil moisture sensor data, farmers can evaluate the efficiency of their irrigation programs and adjust them to ensure sufficient moisture level at the plant roots.

We are glad to confirm that the soil moisture sensor support has already passed our extensive on-field tests and has been successfully working in 2 of our open field customer farms.

We are now extending the ONDO AIR Points so they can retrieve data from up to 3 soil moisture sensors, positioned at different plant root depth. Also, following customer requests to support soil moisture sensors in greenhouse farms as well, in the next months we will be releasing version 2 of the ONDO Measuring Box. The new, completely overhauled ONDO Measuring Box will be able to support data from numerous extra sensors, including soil moisture sensors.

At this stage the full data from the soil moisture sensors is integrated and visualized in ONDO, along with historical sensor data and advanced historical data search and charting. This enables customers to monitor the soil moisture 24/7, remotely, and adjust their irrigation programs accordingly.

We are already working, however, on integrating the data from the soil sensors with ONDO automated precision irrigation programs, so irrigation would be automatically initiated based on the soil moisture data. This will further improve the precision of the irrigation and will cut down the water resources used by ONDO customers even more.

It’s a busy summer here at ONDO! Stay tuned for more news on cool new functionality coming out!

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