ONDO opening up its first international branch in Durban, South Africa

We are glad to announce that, after entering the regional market with successful ONDO installations in Bulgaria and Macedonia, we continue with expanding our sales efforts on a larger international scale. Following the interest in ONDO sustainable farming solutions from South African farmers growing sugar cane, vineyards and corn, we are announcing the setting up of ONDO’s first international branch in Durban, South Africa.

This ONDO branch will primarily serve farmers from the country looking to optimize the usage of key plant growing resources while increasing their crop yield, with sales and promotion efforts planned for the neighbouring countries in the very near future.

“We are very excited to be contributing to the expansion of a modern sustainable farming solution and to be joining a great team. South Africa has very fertile soil. Farming, as well as the types of crops grown, however, are significantly affected by the dry season in the country. Thanks to ONDO’s water and energy management as well as the optimization of human labor used, we are confident that crops could soon be grown on land that has not been efficiently used for farming yet. We also trust that, following ONDO’s usage, the productivity of farmers in the region would be significantly increased.”– said the branch manager Anton Samsonov.

“South Africa is a huge market but being different from the European one, in terms of crops grown and climate specifics, it will certainly pose interesting challenges to our team. ONDO’s sustainable farming solutions, however, have been designed and proven to work for various crops, and we are confident that we will see the same, if not better, efficiency achieved, in terms of savings of major resources and increase in crop yield, on this new market as well.” commented ONDO Head of Product and Sales Ivaylo Enev.

The expansion of ONDO sales activities comes only several months after IndigoVerge – the company behind ONDO – announced that it received funding from Eleven Ventures. The funding was announced to be primarily aimed at supporting the active development of ONDO Smart Farming solutions.

If you are located in South Africa or a neighbouring country, check out ONDO Contact page for our South African branch contact details and feel welcome to get in touch.

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