ONDO Precision farming automation can now be deployed, in a cable-free and cost-efficient manner, on farms of any size

We are glad to announce the release of the latest ONDO innovation – the wireless ONDO AIR Points. Thanks to this new addition to ONDO solutions, even large farms can now have their irrigation and fertigation precisely managed and controlled by ONDO, at a fraction of the costs, time and hassles incurred with a typical, cable-based installation.

The ONDO AIR Points are innovative modules that can manage and control – remotely and wirelesslyup to 4 irrigation valves and one soil moisture sensor. They provide full visibility on the irrigation processes and the humidity levels of the soil.

And – our team is already working on an extension that will support up to three soil moisture sensors on different soil depths, as well as many other sensor types!

Thanks to the integrated, 24/7 data from the soil sensors located in each AIR Point, farmers can adjust the irrigation processes on their farm and further improve the precise usage of the water resources. Automation based on sensor data will be the next step towards making ONDO a fully automated, high-precision irrigation and fertigation solution. All data from the soil moisture sensors will also be passed onto and stored in ONDO, allowing farmers to get detailed historical data on soil moisture parameters.

The AIR Points are robust, battery-powered modules. They can last a full crop season (6-7 months) with no battery re-charging (the battery charging status can be monitored at any time, in ONDO interface).

Coming at a truly competitive price and installed quickly and easily, AIR Points make ONDO precision farming automation for large farm properties very economically-efficient.

This latest ONDO Innovation, after passing rigorous internal testing on our end, is now being deployed in select customer farms for extensive on-field testing. If you are interested in whether and how ONDO automation using AIR Points can also be  deployed for your farm – please book a free consultation call with an ONDO representative.

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