ONDO recognized with a Green Technology award

ONDO Smart Farming solution earned yet another recognition! In the recent contest ‘The greenest companies of Bulgaria’ our solution grabbed the award for ‘Green Technology’, thanks to its substantial contribution to saving the resources used in agriculture.

The contest is also known as “The Green Oscars” and has been organized by b2b Media for the 10th year on end. This is a contest unique for Bulgaria since it aims at recognizing the pursuing of “green” goals and corporate strategies. Eligible to participate in this competition are companies who implement green ideas, products, campaigns, events, initiatives or investments and actively contribute to a greener and healthier environment via specific activities and causes.

“All of us are now being careful about what we eat and what fruit and vegetables we put on the table. Few farmers can, however, prove, black on white, what is the soil they grow their produce on, how they irrigate it, what fertilizers they are using and in what quantities. The farmers using ONDO can precisely define and control all this, while achieving optimal crop yield at the same time. Thus all of us can consume healthier, higher-quality plant food, while ONDO farmers can realize substantial savings for all resources used during the plant growth cycle. We want to thank the farmers who are responsible towards the environment and trust us by integrating ONDO in their greenhouses, gardens and open fields” – said ONDO’s CEO Ivaylo Enev.

He also thanked the organizers and the jury of the contest, as well as the teams at ONDO and ONDO’s tech partner IndigoVerge, which took less than a year to turn ONDO into a recognizable, high-tech product on the agricultural market.

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