ONDO signs up its first partner – in North Macedonia

The growing list and territory span of ONDO customers, along with the need to be close to customers and better serve them has resulted in our focused efforts towards signing up the first local partnerships for ONDO.

We are glad to announce that shortly after we have opened our Partnerships program, we already have the first distribution partner signed up, for North Macedonia – GM Meteo! We welcome our partner onboard and thank Gligor Todorov, who is the contact person for our partner, for proactively reaching ONDO team and working together towards setting up this partnership! We look forward to making it very successful and beneficial for both parties!

North Macedonia is well known for its high quality agricultural produce and the continuous expansion and improvement of its agricultural business. We are sure that thanks to ONDO smart irrigation, fertigation and climate control solutions, farmers in the country will get the chance to become event more efficient, resource- and yield-wise, thus increasing their profit margins and utilizing their growth potential.

As part of our first joint event as partners, ONDO Head of Sales Ivaylo Enev and GM Meteo representative have done a series of ONDO presentations on-site, for several interested farms. If your farm is located in North Macedonia and you are interested in ONDO Solutions – please get in touch with GM Meteo via their contact information, listed on the Partners page.

What are ONDO local partners?

The local business partners are presenting and demonstrating ONDO for customers on their local market and are responsible to promptly communicate any customer feedback to ONDO. If they are also distribution partners – they take over ONDO solution integrations on our behalf and perform any on-site maintenance of the equipment. ONDO team, however, keeps being close to all partner-signed customers at any time. Thanks to our 24/7 remote monitoring, ONDO team will be closely reviewing the status of all partner installations and recommend needed optimizations, both in the initial period after ONDO installation has been complete and after that, via regular performance audits. The regular performance reviews and optimization steps are part of ONDO quality verification procedures, allowing us to ensure customers use ONDO to its full potential.

Who can become an ONDO partner?

We are open to discuss possible partnership options with any company who believes that ONDO solutions can compliment the agricultural product/services they offer in a valuable way. However, we presume that the following solution providers might find the best value in becoming an ONDO business or distribution partner:

  • Greenhouse manufacturers
  • Irrigation system manufacturers
  • Integrators of agricultural hardware or software
  • Manufacturers of agricultural equipment
  • Agricultural trading companies
  • Agricultural consultants, agronomists and other agricultural experts

Eager to discuss partnership with ONDO? Apply here.

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