Our agricultural experts team keeps growing!

We are glad to welcome the latest and truly valuable addition to our team – Daniel Sheytanov!

This is the first team member located outside of our head office and a core person who will start developing ONDO sales and integration activities for South Eastern Bulgaria and the neighboring countries.

ONDO team is made up of agricultural and IT experts, blending their know-how and experience to create a precision farming solution for the agriculture that is easy to use, easy to integrate with existing equipment and efficient. Daniel, having vast experience in the area of irrigation solutions for the agriculture, will definitely boost the expertise of our agriculture specialist team.

He will be supervising both the sales and integrations of ONDO for the region of South Eastern Bulgaria, and will be a key advisor when it comes to consulting potential customers and partners from the region. If you are located in that part of the country, or even in neighboring Turkey or Greece, and are interested in ONDO Smart Farming solutions, Daniel may be the person to reach out to you.

It has always been a challenge to find experienced and knowledgeable agriculture experts, whether you are a farm or solution serving the agricultural sector. We are glad, however, that the dynamic environment in ONDO, with so much space to grow, to innovate and contribute to the development of a solution critical for the sustainability and attractiveness of the agricultural sector, has motivated Daniel to join our team.

Welcome to ONDO team Daniel! To lots of successful work and fun together!

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